Semester 2 2015

2nd Place

Samuel Houston-Read – University of Melbourne

samuel houston-read

When I made the decision to study abroad I knew that athletics would be a huge factor in where I studied. After doing some research it was clear that Melbourne is the “Sports capital” of Australia. In a semester at the University of Melbourne I can confirm that this is true and I have loved every second of it. As a collegiate lacrosse player I knew that I wanted to play in Melbourne. I reached out to the University of Melbourne Lacrosse Club before I arrived to ensure that I could join the club and be a part of their season. Besides lugging my gear across the world, every part of my journey has been amazing. Lacrosse in Victoria is more popular than I first thought and the guys on the team have been welcoming and become some great friends. On July 11th, my first day in Melbourne, I played my first game in Altona, a Melbourne suburb. From that first day I have practiced twice a week with games on Saturdays. Being a part of this team has made my study abroad experience more than I expected. The social aspect of the lacrosse club has made any week more than just lacrosse. After practice Mondays the team goes to a local pub for burgers and after practice Thursdays up to Sydney Road for kebabs. Other club events include a Presentation Night, Birthday Parties as well as Trivia Night.  Being apart of a group of guys thousands of miles of home is surreal and while playing lacrosse every week is awesome, hanging out with Melbournians every week is what studying abroad is about.

3rd Place

Rob Pierce – University of Melbourne

Rob Pierce sports

I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee for the University of Melbourne in order to stay active and make Aussie friends. I’ve learned a lot about the sport along the way, as well as teaching them about American Ultimate. I went to Friday pick-up games, Sunday trainings and Monday night Albert Park League (APL) for 3 months! Made amazing friends along the way who want to visit me and play Ultimate back in the States. I competed in Uni Games at the Gold Coast and came 10th out of 23, but had a blast! Can’t wait to tell my team at home of my adventures and bring back some Aussie chants!

Jerry Ho – University of Adelaide

jerry ho sports

First year at University I joined the Emory Gymnastics Club. I was absolutely enthralled to feel like a kid. I loved learning body awareness and flipping around without a worry in the world. Every location seemed like a new playground. The beach became the foam-pit equivalent location to practice back flips. Street polls became tools to practice Human-Flags. Everywhere was an opportunity to practice handstands. The Emory Gymnastics Club once had a competition to post a handstand picture every day in a different location. That instilled a habit to do it across the world. One day, I’ll have a compilation of every location I’ve done one of these Calisthentic skills. I’ll see the progression of control and strength and enjoy the days of my never-ending youth.

Cory Kapeller – Griffith University, Gold Coast

cory kapeller

I swallowed gallons of saltwater trying to get a picture like this.