Semester 2 2015

2nd Place

Morgan Farrell – University of New South Wales

morgan farrell

I am an artist specializing in visual illustration but I am also a lover of song, theater, and my newfound hobby of videography. Since coming to Sydney, I have been able to spend so much more time on my art than I can at home, and I have created upwards of 20 or so drawings and paintings in my free time. Many of them have been inspired by things that I have seen or experienced in Australia, and it was really hard for me to pick just one to enter into this contest, so I decided to submit a video that I made instead. I made this video using footage that I took myself with my GoPro Hero 4 and I edited it using iMovie. This video is a collaboration of all of the footage that I took within the jam-packed first month of being here in Sydney. Much of the footage from this video comes from the IFSA-Butler orientation activities, so if you are interested, I give you full permission to show your future students so that they can get excited! For best viewing quality, please watch in HD (1080p).

Video Link: