Student of the Semester

Student of the Semester is a great competition for our students to share their study abroad experiences with the rest of us. There are six categories to be entered in – or nominate another IFSA-Butler student for. Here are those six categories:

Academic Achiever – Anyone who has put in the time and effort and learnt from their struggles, achieved top results, completed a wonderful internship, done a great research project or are a studyholic – you’d be a great role model, so tell us about it!

Awesome Artist – Arts & Literature, Dance & Music, Creativity & Song, these are just some of the categories that come under this banner. We love our creative artists and we love what you do, so keep on brightening this world with all that you can offer and let us know what it is that inspires you!

Open Observer – Everyone has a story to share, and everyone is interesting. If your personal experiences or achievements don’t quite fit into any of the other categories, we’d still like to hear your story. The open category has no rules.

Spectacular Sports Star – Every term we have amazing students who try something new or continue with a sport they have passion for. You don’t have to be at the top of your game to enter this category you just have to love and participate in sport.

Terrific Traveller – This category is for the adventurous spirits who put themselves out there and really experience the world. Anyone who has seen amazing sights, experienced the heights of human kindness on their travels, achieved a personal first, witnessed incredible events or just want to share the wonder of new places with us can enter this category.

Valiant Volunteer – This category is for students who give their time selflessly for a worthy cause in any area of society. Whether it is weekly volunteering, a special project or giving your time pro-bono, we’d love to hear about it.